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medico-legal reports

Dr Joshua Adedokun


Consultant in Pain Medicine

We Aim To Assist The Court

By providing independent, balanced, and concise expert reports on chronic pain, for personal injury and clinical negligence cases within our areas of expertise.

Medico-Legal Service

Expert medico-legal assessments and reports are produced by Dr Joshua Adedokun, Consultant in Pain Medicine.


At Expert Pain Reports, we specialise in providing medico-legal reports for personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

We have extensive experience in working with solicitors, barristers, insurers and agencies in medico-legal cases, providing an average of 150-200 medico-legal reports per year.

Our services include:

  • Expert medico-legal reports for claimants and defendants
  • Expert medico-legal Joint Reports
  • Desktop Reports
  • Pain management treatment packages for medico-legal cases.
  • Attendance at Court and conferences
  • Pain-related occupational health reports
  • Domiciliary assessments for medico-legal reports.

We are instructed by defendants’ and claimants’ solicitors and insurers across the United Kingdom.

medico-legal reports
medico-legal reports
medico-legal reports
medico-legal reports